I want to start an experiment. An experiment through the course of which I can grow, be a better person, expand my skillset, and connect with more people at a deeper level. An experiment through the course of which I can also hopefully help out others in some small ways.

Starting from June of 2020, I’ll be keeping aside a few hours every week (most likely during my weekends) to provide advice, mentorship, or just be a sounding board for people’s ideas. I am going to do this pro bono (at least for the foreseeable future, in any case). I do not expect anything out of this other than an engaging conversation and hopefully some mutual learning. So, feel free to reach out to me in case one or more of the following broad entries catch your fancy:

  • if you are part of the founding team of an early stage startup looking to validate your product ideas; get design feedback; help in evaluating your tech
  • if you are a (graduate) student or a researcher working on interesting research problems in Computer Science and associate fields, having an idea to discuss or looking to get out of your “creative block”
  • an early career engineer or a data scientist who needs some guidance towards solving a challenging technical problem
  • a student or a young professional who is in need of some general “career advice” (what a loaded term!) or soft mentorship
  • if you are a nontechnical person who is thinking about or working in the areas of sustainability or natural farming, or if you are involved in social activism especially concerning healthcare and education, and need technical guidance.

I will be happy to help in whatever way I can within the limitations of my knowledge and time. I can also connect you to the people that I know who might help you further. You can read further to know more or just

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More details on my website: http://sanketp.com/talk-to-me/